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Iskan Mobile

Available on Google Play and Apple Store for smart mobile devices Services Available on ISKAN Mobile APP

Access a wide range of Digital Banking Services directly in the palm of your hand anywhere you are (24/7)

Individual services

  •  View account balances and request an account statement summary
  •  Transfer between accounts
  • Add a beneficiary within the bank and transfer to their account
  • Suspend all ATM cards
  •  Change the primary account for ATM cards
  • Visa credit card services, including transferring from the card balance to the customer's account within the bank, card activation/deactivation, viewing card details, obtaining an account statement, and charging the card balance
  • View savings account interest
  • Inquire about loans
  • Request checkbooks and track the order
  • View deferred checks
  •  Electronic payment services, including bill payment, charging balances, and purchasing vouchers from game and application providers
  • Access branch locations and ATMs
  •  View currency exchange rates
  • Explore all bank services and products 
Corporate Accounts / Minor accounts / Joint-accounts


  • View accounts and balances
  • Brief Statement of Account
  • Manage account data including: change login and transfer passwords
  • View loan installments and PDC cheques
  • View interests of saving accounts

Daily Transfer Ceilings:

  • Daily amount of transfer ceiling via ISKAN Mobile between client’s own accounts is Ten Thousand JOD by max five transactions
  • Daily amount of transfer ceiling via ISKAN Mobile between different accounts of clients maintained with the Bank is One Thousand JOD by max five transactions   
Service Terms & Requirements

  • Signature by clients on the service subscription application, general conditions, annexed contract to contracts and agreements for e-services

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