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Advanced Salary Service

Enables you to receive your salary in advance in any day of the month prior to salary transfer


Targeted Segments

  • Staff of Public Sector
  • Staff of Private Sector
  • Civil and military retirees

Special Standards and Determinants for Advance Salary Product

  • Salary Currency Dinar: Dollar, Shekel
  • Max Value of Advance Salary Service 100% of net salary transferred after deductions 
  •  Max Term of Advance Salary Service One year. Automatically renewed unless otherwise required by the client.
  • Min Age of Borrowers 18 years old 
  • Max Age of Borrowers 70 years old 
  • Repayment Basis Monthly
  • Collaterals Transferred salary without guarantor 

General Conditions Special Standards and Determinants for Advance Salary Product

  • Apply annual interest rate of 8%
  • Monthly commission by 1 JOD
  • The salary has been received for at least two months
  • The value of advance salary is paid once the salary of the client is supplied to his/her account. In case of no salary is received for 60 days and over, then the service is cancelled  
If you did not use the service for more than 6 consecutive months, the service will be stopped and restudied once again, if demanded
Required Documentation

  • Staff Segment
  • Valid ID of the client (Identity Card)
  • Acknowledgement Letter to transfer the salary and continue transfer the salary and benefits of the employee to the Bank
  • Recent salary certificate for the last month, which demonstrates all particulars of client’s salary and any due deductions.
Possibility to withdraw the requested amount either via the Bank’s branches network, ATMs Network or by purchase using the Housing Bank Cards