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Salaries Account

Unique designed account with several benefits for employees.

Account designed to transfer salaries from both Public and Private sectors, And can be opened in the main trading currencies

Service Features

  • Obtain a cheque book under specified conditions
  • Possibility to overdraft the account for a limited periods covered by the transferred salary
  • Obtain Visa Electron to make use of ATM services with the Bank and other banks and shopping from different malls and trading centers inside Palestine
  • Authorize the Bank to pay mobile, landline & utility bills on behalf of the client

Service Terms & Requirements

  • Age of client shall not be less than 18 years old
  • A certificate from employer or salary slip for staff of public and private sectors

The IBAN has been generated according to the correct Housing bank account number you have entered. Housing banks will not be held liable for any damage or loss of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from entering an incorrect or an invalid account number.