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A Package of financing programs in the field of housing, consumer or car loans and Others to help you achieve your dreams and desires

Auto loans

Own your dream car with a competitive interest rate and get the new additional privileges of our Auto Loan product.

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Personal Loans for Housing Purposes

We developed your personal loan for housing purposes to become 100,000 instead of 80,000 and now you can repay for it over 15 years instead of 12 years!  

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Personal Advances

The Personal Advances from the Housing Bank helps you with your personal needs under Special conditions

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Purchases installment program

Assist to meet the financial needs of clients

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Personal Loans

The personal loan from the Housing Bank allows you to meet your personal needs of all kinds at competitive interest rates with a set of privileges

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Housing Loans

Assist to construct, purchase or complete proper housing or purchase a land (organized for housing)

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Advanced Salary Service

A service provided by the Housing Bank that enables you to get your salary in advance on any day of the month before transferring the salary

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Saving Account

The Saving account from the Housing Bank is designed for customers to be able to save for their future and the future of their children

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Time Deposit Account

This account is created to all clients who wish invest in their savings over a period aiming for high returns

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Salaries Account

Account designed to transfer salaries from both Public and Private sectors, And can be opened in the main trading currencies

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