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The bank offers a distinctive and varied package of bank account products that suit all your needs and desires of customers of different segments and ages

Saving Account

The Saving account from the Housing Bank is designed for bank's customers to be able to save for their future and the future of their children

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Accounts of Minors

An Account that can be created and managed by mothers, Accounts that can be created are limited to Current, Saving and Term Deposit Account

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​ Financial Inclusion Account

An Account that offers Many advantages for every natural person who enjoys Legal capacity and holds a Palestinian identity

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Salaries Account

Account designed to transfer salaries from both Public and Private sectors, And can be opened in the main trading currencies

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Time Deposit Account

This account is created to all clients who wish invest in their savings over a period aiming for high returns, they also have the options to Deposit and withdraw cash from their account under special conditions

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Current Account

The Current Account is designed for many business sectors, businessmen and individual sectors to obtain the service of withdrawing and depositing money at any time 

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Advanced Salary Service

A service provided by the Housing Bank that enables you to get your salary in advance on any day of the month before transferring the salary


Many choices offers to you to make Wire Transfer service in major currencies, in Palestine and any place in the world.

Account Statement

Certificate to be issued upon the client’s request which outlines balance available in client’s account maintained within the Bank


A Special package of Cards to suit your needs with many advantages

Don you want to get a loan? Learn more about the distinctive Housing Bank Loans

Personal Advances

The Personal Advances from the Housing Bank helps you with your personal needs under special conditions

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Personal Loans

The personal loan from the Housing Bank allows you to meet your personal needs of all kinds at competitive interest rates with a set of privileges

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Housing Loans

The Housing Loans from Housing Bank helps you achieve your dreams and desires, with a Maximum value of 250,000 JOD or its equivalent in USD

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FAQs about Accounts

The Saving Account aims at promoting clients to save money for their families and future while being confident that their money is in the safest hands and grows up as balances grow up. Saving account can also provide them with the chance of winning one of the valuable announced prizes of saving accounts

- Get a Cheque book
- Freely get Visa electron card that enables you to receive the following advantages:

     - Withdraw, deposit and inquiry about account transactions 7/24

      - Perform all purchase transactions with all shopping stores and malls

- Utilize online services (ISKAN Online, Mobile Banking)   
- Subscribe to SMS services via cell phone to know performed financial transaction on your account 24/7
- Bills Payment Service 

- Possibility to get your salary in advance at any day of the month before receiving your salary by the Bank, 
- Obtain free Visa electron card
- Utilize online services (ISKAN online and ISKAN Mobili)
- Payment of Bills service
- Access to loans and advances that fulfill and meet your needs at advantageous terms
- know the date of receiving salary, balance and financial transactions performed on your account through free subscription to SMS

- Grow up your balance through lucrative and rewarding proceeds
- Select and determine your fit linking period which could reach up to one year
- Possibility to open term deposit account in all currencies
- Get a Credit Card (Visa)
- Possibility to borrow loans secured by the deposit account and with preferable interest rates.