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A Package of financing programs to help you achieve your dreams and desires


A Special package of Cards to suit your needs with many advantages


A group of account products that suit your needs and desires, of customers of different segments and ages


Many choices offers to you to make Wire Transfer service in major currencies, in Palestine and any place in the world

Deposit Lease Boxes

Many of benefits you will get from the safety deposit boxes to protect your valuables


Distinctive services that enrich your banking experience, to manage your accounts and pay your obligations

Western Union Transfers

Sending and receiving money around the world within moments

Iskan Mobile

Access a wide range of Digital Banking Services provided to our Individuals & Corporates Customers

Effortlessly Save Gold

Open a savings account or add to your account balance to increase your chances of winning one of the prizes within the Savings Accounts Prizes Program 2023

Personal Loans

Meet your personal needs of all kinds at competitive interest rates with a set of privileges

Iskan Online

Access your Accounts online anywhere and anytime

Visa Credit Cards

A Special package of Credit cards to suit your needs with many advantages