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Global Services

Trade Finance & Global Payment services provided to our clients and FIs entails international banking relations and services

Indirect Trade Facility

A group of commercial services (facilities) provided to the importers, exporters and contractors sector

SME Financing Program

Dedicated for providing appropriate financing for customer segment of SME

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Contact us to help you in the field of financing small, medium and large companies

Direct Facilities

A set of direct commercial products (facilities) to contribute to the revitalization of various businesses

Program for financing SME

Enabling you to obtain credit facilities in order to support their working capital, financing purchases of fixed assets

Fixed Assets Financing Program

Dedicated to finance new registered projects

Business loans

A program dedicated to financing a wide variety of options for the trade and business sector within different economic sectors

Business Vehicles Loan Program

This program is intended to finance the purchase and renewal of business vehicles of all kinds.

Fixed Assets Financing Program

Dedicated to finance new registered projects

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Sustainability Program

Providing financing for small, medium and micro enterprises

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Banking solutions and services

A distinctive package of integrated banking and financing services for small, medium and large companies

Credit Programs

Integrated banking solutions and services in the field of corporate finance for all customer segments, from small, medium and large companies, with many advantages

Financial Institutions

Banking services without borders meets the requirements of financial institutions through the network of local and foreign branches of the Housing Bank and a network of correspondents covering more than 60 countries