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Fixed Assets Financing Program

Sectors supported by this program includes Agricultural, industrial and serviceable projects; i.e. IT, tour sector, educational sector, domestic industry supports projects.

Provide proper financing to SMEs, self-employed individuals, professionals and Craftspeople  in order to purchase and own all types of Fixed Assets (such as factory buildings and offices, machines, equipment, furniture and decorations) related to the enterprise.  

Targeted Segments

  • Professionals, Craftspeople, self-employed individuals within different economic sectors
  • SMEs within different economic sectors
  • Clients from Deposit owners’ Segment  

Product Purposes

  • Financing the purchase of machinery, equipment and machines for enterprise works.
  • Financing the purchase of real estates for the enterprise head office or one of its branches such as factory buildings and machines and/or repayment of obligations arise from purchasing of assets.
  • Financing decoration works and purchasing of furniture for the enterprise head office or one of its branches
  • Diversify the basket of products available to clients

Special Standards and Determinants for Financing of Fixed Assets Product

  • Loan Currency Only Jordanian Dinar “JOD”
  • Max Loan Value 350,000 JOD for each client
  • Min Loan Value 10,000 JOD 
  • Financing Rates


New Assets

Used Assets

Clients of Deposit Owners



All assets (except real estates)  



Real Estates


  • Max Loan Tenure, including grace period

Client Segment

Loan Tenure

All assets (except real estates) 

Max 5 Years

Real Estates

Max 8 Years

* The used assets should be in good condition and to be proved by competent expert.

* The real estates must be aimed at investment purposes of the client’s activity but not for sale purposes.
  • Min Repayment Period One Year
  • Min Age of Borrowers 
         - Personal Capacity (Natural Persons): 25 years old (with no less than 3 year of operational experience
         - Legal Personality (Corporates & Institutions): The operational age shall not be less than 3 years

Max Age of Borrowers

         - Personal Capacity (Natural Persons): 70 years old by the end of financing / loan tenure
         - Legal Personality (Corporates & Institutions): Unlimited
Repayment Basis Monthly or quarterly and as per the client’s cash flows