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Our Branches offers all services and products to all customers from all sectors and to all segments.

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Customers of the Housing Bank can send any inquiry or suggestion through the following means:

  • Calling the 02-2945500 
  • To protect your accounts, please do not include your card numbers or your passwords in any correspondence.
  • Fill out the online custom form, by clicking on the button below:
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Main Branch

The Regional Management - Palestine

​Regional Manager: Mr. Osama Herzallah

Direct Tel.: 0097222945500

Fax: 0097222964725

Al-Quds St., PO Box 1473, Ramallah

E-mail : 

The Regional Management - Palestine

Regional Management & Head Office :

Tel.: 00970 2 2945500

Toll free: 1800300700
Number tag: #46

 Fax: 00970 2 2955315

Al-Quds St., PO Box 1473, Ramallah

E-mail :​​​​

​​Postal code P60228051