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​ Financial Inclusion Account

An Account that offers Many advantages for every natural person who enjoys Legal capacity and holds a Palestinian identity

An account through which the main banking services are provided for each natural person who enjoys legal capacity and holder of Palestinian identity card or Jerusalem ID and has no any active, frozen or joint banking account with any of the licensed banks in Palestine

  • Open the account without incurring any charges, expenses or fees
  • The account is free of account management commission
  • No minimum amount is required when opening the account
  • ATM card is issued without charges on issuance or using the ATM card via ATM Machines of the Bank and of other banks (National Key)
  • Free provision of SMS, e-bank and Mobile Bank services

Banking Services Received by Financial Inclusive Account-holder

  • Cash deposit & Withdraw
  • Deposit cheques for collection
  • E-banking services (e-bank, mobile bank & SMS)
  • Obtain ATM Card
  • Issue & Receive financial transfers internally and externally
Service Terms & Requirements

  • Requirements applied to financial inclusive accounts are the same as normal account in terms of providing necessary documents and instruments to open an account subject to policy of the Bank.
  • It is stipulated to provide the Bank with the correct date which shall not be misleading or error
  • The annual credit ceiling of transactions (cash deposit, cheques, inward transfers) is US $ 12,000 Twelve Thousand US Dollars or equivalent in other currencies; provided that the amount of credit transactions within one month shall not exceed US $2,000  Two Thousand US Dollars or equivalent in other currencies 
  • It is stipulated to have no any active, frozen or joint banking account maintained with the Bank or any or licensed banks in Palestine whether prior to or after opening the financial inclusive account

The IBAN has been generated according to the correct Housing bank account number you have entered. Housing banks will not be held liable for any damage or loss of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from entering an incorrect or an invalid account number.