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Standard Visa Card (ATM)

Wide range of benefits wherever you are and at any time you want

A Card that gives you a wide range of benefits that designed to suit your financial needs and personal purchases in many stores, restaurants and hotels at any time you want, as the amounts are deducted directly from your bank account.


  • Accepted worldwide.
  • Ability to pay for purchases in all stores that accept point of sale service without commission inside Palestine. 
  • Ability to withdraw cash through more than 33 ATMs belonging to Housing Bank/ Palestine in three currencies (Dinar, Dollar and NIS)  up to 1500 JD per day.
  • Ability to withdraw cash locally and globally through ATMs that accept VISA.
  • Ability to make many services (check book request, account statement request, and Change password request) through Palestine Housing Bank ATMs.
  • Safe card backed by chip and pin number.
  • Ability to control the account transactions through SMS.
  • The purchase amount is deducted from the main account on which the card is defined.
* Visit the nearest branch to replace your card with a contactless ATM card to shop quickly and easily online or at any store!